Continuing the Conversation
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Continuing the Conversation is a discussion group that now reaches across multiple platforms in a quest to not only "find the others," but to come together and challenge one another through sharing experiences, perspectives, and ideas.  We are a group of open minded explorers who are willing to discuss just about ANYTHING with a healty balance of compassion and skeptisism.  Come join us in this group and on our discord server.  We hold voice chats every week or so, that we record to share with the larger community through multiple podcast platforms.
T Rex Ophora
The Search for Answers
This group welcomes all who are open or interested in the widely held suspicion that much of what we are told and lead to believe is an illusion crafted by powerful individuals and organizations that may not have our best interests in mind, but undoubtedly keep us in the dark. This may be hard to imagine and accept, but the intention of this group is to share information that helps us glimpse what lies behind the curtain and cloud of confusion that has been placed before us. It’s hard to say if learning the truth will make out lives better, but it is our right to know the truth. All news, theories, investigations, speculation, questions, and discussions are welcome. I only ask that you think critically, and respect one another. Enjoy!