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Did you know that the Spin(10) model, Pati-Salam, Left-Right symmetric, and the Standard model + B-L (both pre- and post-Higgs mechanism) are connected via a cascade of complex structures? These can be shown to relate to the octonions, then the quaternions, then the complex numbers.
Recently, a number of other researchers have been confirming similar results. For further detail, please see the introduction of this talk.
This is work together with my collaborator Dr Mia Hughes (Imperial College string theory). In our second upcoming paper, Mia further went on to show the first example I am aware of where a Yukawa coupling is described using quaternionic triality.
Here's our recent talk at Perimeter Institute in case you're curious.
(In upcoming work we show how to deal algebraically with the lingering B-L symmetry.)
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