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The Alchemical Mind
Very excited to be diving into Anthony's next project as editor. If you haven't checked out his Dive Manual, do so. He's making a pdf copy available for free for the next 48 hours. View More
The Alchemical Mind
For the ethnobotanists and psychonauts in the audience, would love to know why the current view of houma/soma is as a mushroom and not something more akin to an acacia or even an ephedra...doing a rer... View More
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The Alchemical Mind
2021 has already been an interesting year for me, and on this episode, I discuss my month long hiatus, what lead to me taking time off, and how I learned to surrender and reconnect with the divine. ... View More
The Alchemical Mind
At this time of year, there is always a lot of discussion about the origins of Christmas and how the early church co-opted many pagan traditions to create what we now consider Christmas, but is this a... View More
The Alchemical Mind
Alex from The Natural Born Alchemist joins me for an episode a long time in the making as we discuss the role of psychedelics in shamanic traditions, the impact of the commercialization of ayahuasca c... View More
The Alchemical Mind
It feels like the deeper I dive into philosophy and spirituality and the more I learn about various traditions through time and space, the more I want to simplify my own practice. On today's episode, ... View More
The Alchemical Mind
As we continue to explore the origins of myth and culture, let's take a look at the symbolism behind the deer and the stag. Sometimes referred to as the Sky Deer or Sun Deer, this animal is an integra... View More
The Alchemical Mind
There's a lot of focus on various different kinds of meditation practices, but have you ever considered one of the simplest and often most rewarding for your every day happiness? On this episode, I br... View More
The Alchemical Mind
The Alchemical Mind
As a follow up to the previous episode, I discuss how to use the techniques of shadow work to learn to be honest with others in order to achieve wholeness and further your own personal development. If... View More
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