on March 24, 2022
My hero Beatrix Potter, the original home mycologist since the 1800s.
Started a scientific paper detailing the life cycle of lichens at 21, running experiments from her kitchen likely out of necessity as women are not allowed to be part of scientific societies in her day.
fact checked this at The Linnean Society of London's website, very weak political statement that in my mind reads "hey it was crazy times back then everyone was dicks to women plus darwin was knocking about so yeah, we were actually probably pretty progressive for our time". so she possibly may have been able to submit her own paper but she wasn't aloud to sit in on the meeting and her works mostly ignored and left in a pile somewhere at first.
Loved her more well known work as a child, such captivating botanical illustrations, even little mushrooms hiding around in her kids books to inspire. it worked and i think i now understand my love of both rabbits and fungi.
thank you
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