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-------------------------------------------------------Meeting the "Queen"-------------------------------------------------------------------

Date: August 2109

nnDMT via Yolcan - stock quad coil

Dose: 50mg, 80mg

Set: First time experiencing nnDMT

Setting: Home in my bedroom, wife trip sitting, dark room (candle lit)

This was my first nnDMT experience, at this moment in my experience I had conducted about 6 "heroic" doses and had, experienced ego death, had a OBE, and met with my "ancestors." I had just joined and had learned how to conduct a DMT extraction using Mimosa Hostillis Root Bark. Shotout to those who assisted along the way, you know who you are.

Anyhow, My wife had agreed to trip sit me, I was busy finishing up a few things in my magic room and the kids had been put to bed and were now all passed out snoring and slobbering in their beds. My wife tried to wait up for me but once I got to our bedroom she was passed out as well, I had grabbed my Yolcan vaporizer, weighed out about 50mg, prepped the coil and sat up against the wall on my bed. I gave my wife a quick nudge "hey babe, im gonna go in, make sure i don't die..." she responded with a grunt and turned over. "shiet, well Im already here, might as well." I had been preparing for this moment since the beginning of this year, went through all the research, read countless trip reports, and extraction techniques, purchased and acquired all supplies needed for this extraction and experience. Needless to say, I was nervous as fuck, my heart was beating, palms were soaked in perspiration, I decided to go in.

I began to control my breathing, center myself, as I was low key freaking out. Here I was with the dmt partly melted in this device, all this time and effort had boiled down to this moment. Once I felt my heart slow down, I lean back and take a huge hit, making sure to press and release the button so as to not burn the yellow (full spectrum) crystal that smelled so weird to me, I remember feeling my chest, neck, and head area begin to tingle, I take another hit and my vision starts to Change, everything began to have a "Wavy" appearance, I close my eyes. Next hit, half way through I don't remember exhaling, I remember tasting the deemz and all of a sudden my mind state had changed from being awake and conscius to being in a dream-state like mentality. Although, i could not see anything, I could feel what I could only describe as tentacles, reaching through my mouth and into my head. I was so nervous, i tried to open my eyes but I couldn't see, i realized I was ina dark place, no light only outlines and traces of some type of creature that appeared to look like some type of squid-type...thing. I could feel it in my mouth slithering down my throat and into my brain area, soooo strange, and as soon as I realized this, I began to loose the vision and began to start seeing my room, i was lying down staring at the ceiling. When I came back fully, my wife had sat up and was holding the yolcan in her hand.

"I need more, I almost made it, hold on." i got up, slowly made my way to the restroom to scoop some more into the yolcan, something had told me I needed more. I measured about 80-mg and prepped the coil, sat down nin bed and nervously told my wife "just, please make sure I keep breathing." I sat down and took a huge hit, then a large circular-like golden "cog" looking fractal appeared before me out of nowhere, eyes wide open, I took a second hit, all the fractals had spread to all of the walls in my room and began spinning. That vibration in my head came back, one last rip, I remember tasting the dmt so strong! The last thing i remember was saying, in my head "that tastes so....."

Then, I was in a dark space, under neath a huge ball of orange light, looked like the sun had descended upon me. I could not see where this thing began or ended, it was huge. I remember looking around and not finding my body, I was able to think but i could not hear or feel anything. I was what i like to consider a ball of consciousness as i could still think. Then all of a sudden, there something in my vision, so close i couldn't tell what it was. I focused on this creature that was sniffing me like a dog. snorting, sniffing, and going back and forth and around me, like it was inspecting me.

At this point, I noticed a large being that had descended from the "sun" and was floating towards me, it made no noise, I couldn't see it that well as this creature that was inspecting me was blocking my view. I caught a glimpse of the creature as it looked me square in the eye before letting out a loud snort in my "face," It had the face of what i could only describe as a gargoyle with a body of a large dog with no hair, skin was purple-blue-ish. As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared to my left and there I was staring up at this entity who had now appeared, towering over me. It was engulfed in the same substance this "sun" was as it approached me, looked like white/orange-type flames and had, by this time, the "flames" had dissipated and i could see a large female-like entity. She shared the same, leathery, smooth purple-blueish type skin the gargoyle like creature had. After looking back, I have described her as looking like Mystique from the X-Men comic books (and movies).

As I was in awe just staring at her, she placed her hand over my sight and I was immediately transported to a place in where all I could see were hallways and rooms that were contracting and expanding upon each other. The walls and floors were covered in these moving patterns, red, orange, cream colored. They were morphing changing colors to vibrant greens, and blues, and purples and spinning, dissolving into each other. She had started to communicate with me. I could almost feel what she was saying, a type of mental communication with no words involved. I remember her saying "this is my domain, this is my power, i control this place, remember this place." or something to the effect of this, I remember at this time, I had remembered my body "oh shit, am I dead? where am I?!" and i could feel the experience start slipping away. She quickly "grabbed" me and stopped my descent back to my body and told me "don't worry, that will be okay, we're not done yet." Then, I was back with her, flying through the cosmos, stopping and zooming on other planets that were teaming with life that was unrecognizable, there were plants and terrain that didn't make sense to me, it became a blur of places and things I was being shown, almost like she was showing me there was more existence than the human experience.

I don't remember much more of this "travel" we ahead. Next thing I know I was back underneath the "sun" and it appeared to be some type of vessel, and she had descended down from the center if it and was again engulfed in this light, and standing on what seemed like a podium that had was extending from beneath this "sun vessel" as it slowly started move away from where I was. I remember watching her float away as she was pointing towards me and nodding her head up and down, almost like she was saying, yeah, you're cool. Im good with you, we'll see each other later...

As the vision of her floating away on this "ship," my vision started fading and my room began to re appear and I closed my yes with a huge smile on my face. My wife's voice came in "are you alright baby?" I just smiled and said "I just met the queen, and shes cools as fuck!" I could still see her in my mind's eye floating away, pointing at me, head nodding.

This was my first experience with the molecule, it was such an astounding one and I could still see it all in my mind, all of it. I have since seen her a few times afterwards. shortly after this experience, my dreams became intense, I was going on journeys to what I believe were some of these places we had visited. I ran across in a basin with the gargoyle-dog creature in a desert of brown/red dirt, and purple(ish) skies. I had visited a world in where tree-people lived, had countless conversations with multiples entities that resembled creatures such as reptiles, amphibians, plants, and other non-human species form our world. Half of the time, I couldn't remember what was said, but I could see them speaking to me as i either sat in front of them or traveled around them as a ball of consciousness. It began to get so intense I had to reach out to one of my friends who knows a lot about dreaming and was advised to take a supplement, zinc I believe, to help stop the dreams. I was tired as I felt like my mind wouldn't "turn off." I started feeling like i couldn't tell whether i was dreaming or not. I really started to believe i had broken my mind.

It eventually subsided but I was left with this interest in the power of the mind. to be able to create or tap into these realities that we visit in our dreams or even within these DMT experiences. Its very interesting for sure and has caught the attention of some of the best minds in recent history. After this experience I feel there is more to "reality" or existing than what we have come to agree on there is. Its all very interesting, although I still feel the importance of being present here in this moment of time, in my human experience.

Thank you for spending your time here and reading this, i truly appreciate not only you reading but the experiences we share here and what we have created among each other. a community of knowledge and information all compiled online and in real life. Appreciate tf out of ya, keep spreading the love, and don't be a dick!

TL;DR: First time experiencing nnDMT and meeting an entity who showed me different worlds, the rooms and halls people speak of. and gave me a thumbs up in the end, lmfao.

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